The project of Quatuor Elementa, directed by Simber Atay, was shaped according to the calendar of the year 2017 and the equinox calendar; Cemre performances were planned as Monday Talks, and equinox performances as Equinox Reading. The project, which started on February 20, 2017, will be completed with film screenings and photo exhibitions on 21 March 2018 under the title of Speech / Reading / Registration and Harvest of Our Life.



In the project, Simber Atay, Melih Elhan, Zekiye Buğurcu, Gözde Yenipazarlı-Dinler, and Pınar Boztepe-Mutlu perform their reading  by selecting chapters from literary works that depict and analyze human-nature relation. Performances are made in nature, in cultural environments such as libraries and at the meeting places of the city and nature such as parks.

The readings are recorded as films and photographs by improvisations, by Haydar Pekdüz, Kaan Zati, Melih Berkay Kır and Semih Özenen.

The design and management of the QUATUOR ELEMENTA instagram account, which has the same name as the project and is a reflection on the social media of the project, is carried out by Nilay Ulug.