The more one finds the possibility to explore his own body, the more he relaxes, lightens, gets purified, reaches his own intrinsic values, is able to get closer to another human being and to nature…



The body is of course one of the concepts that form a person’s socio-cultural identity and is also one of the integral parts of nature. Western thought has pruned nature in order to glorify human, then has limited the concept of human. However, nature has a body too; earth, water, air, plants, animals… The discourse that presumes everything is interlinked; emphasizes that with nature’s intrinsic values, natural bodies are considered respectfully.


One of the important elements is to regain the lost ecological awareness and to ensure the human to again respect the natural environment with which he lives disconnectedly. The artist presents new expressions by turning nature’s mathematical theory into her own perception of form. One of these expressions is possible with the most organic way, the body. Body is nature; dance is body, and dancing is returning to nature, breathing.


In PORTIZMIR4 that is going to end in March 2018; performances in natural sites (K2 Urla Breathing Room and several outdoor venues in the city) and several indoor venues in line with the PORTIZMIR4 projects will be realized. The venue details and performance agenda will be announced, as they are determined. Also, a platform for discussing the position and state of the body today in association with dance, motion, ecology and life; within the context of breath/ body/ nature will be created.



Cansu Ergin, Independent Contemporary Dance Artist /