The EVOLVING projects to be realized between March 21 and April 10, 2018 in public spaces are going to be formed with the participation of Izmirian, Turkish and international artists in the coordination of Necmi Sönmez. The projects, of which the majority is going to be developed on wheels, in a mobile and flexible model, aim to bring the various forms of creative thought up for discussion by removing the boundaries between the audience and the participant.



The projects that tend to scrutinize Izmir’s local sensitivities are going to be organized from a studio in Basmane to be temporarily used, while this venue is also going to be the host for an installation by Oruç Aruoba and a notebook by Leylâ Erbil. This place is going to be used in various events as a base where the EVOLVING projects are going to be formed. “Open-endedness” formed by the participation, personal experiences of the audience form the common ground of the EVOLVING projects that bring together the works of artists from different generations.

The projects which will be announced in detail in early 2018, are going to attempt to bring the social, economic and political facts that come to the fore up for discussion while referring to Izmir’s qualities that are changing shell: with the open-heartedness and sincerity unique to Izmir.