Recent past and future of contemporary art in Izmir 2007 - 2017 " An inventory and exhibition project



Location: GALERİ A


Event Calendar: June-July 2017


Curator: Borga Kantürk

Assistant Curators : Ezgi Yakın, Metehan Özcan, Cenkhan Aksoy 

Production Assistant: Ali Kemal Ertem


The last ten years of production process which is located in the center of the exhibition, will be designed to shed light on art spaces, some important exhibitions and vital processes to contemporary artists, whose works are exhibited in the city and occasionally associated with the city.


A survey will be conducted over 4 lines:


1. Contacts (A-Z human dictionary)

2. Timeline - Between 2007 and 2017 - important events

3. Locations, Collectives, Initiatives

4. Sample Exhibitions:


In order to present the 10 year process to audience between 2007-2017, which will constitute the main skeleton of the exhibition, a different edition of each section will be realized in five sections.