“10 Years Ago, 5 Years Later”

Recent past and future of contemporary art in Izmir 2007 - 2017 " An inventory and exhibition proj [...]

“K2 Urla Breathing Room” Natural Landscape

Garden Historian and Landscape Designer Jean-Luc Maeso is going to integrate the architecture and ec [...]

“K2 Urla Breathing Room”: Master Plan

K2 Urla Breathing Room is an imagined artist’s community designed for Kuscular, Urla, Izmir in Turke [...]

Art in Public Space: EVRİM/EVOLVE

The EVOLVING projects to be realized between March 21 and April 10, 2018 in public spaces are going [...]


The more one finds the possibility to explore his own body, the more he relaxes, lightens, gets puri [...]

Dressing Nature

In this textile project by Prof. Elvan Özkavruk Adanır and Jovita Sakalauskaite, natural fibers obta [...]

Ecological Agriculture

The agricultural areas specified in “K2 Urla Breathing Room”, the master plan of the land in the arc [...]

In the Trace of Nature

“In the trace of nature” Earth Art Practices

Matters of Energy: The Pyramid

“Matters of Energy” is an ongoing project by Deniz Kurtel, consisting of a series of experiments on [...]

Music Projects

The music projects called "SILVAVOX" and "PIN A SONG" will be realized as part of PORTIZMIR4.

PORTIZMIR4 – EX VOTO Postcard Series

The “Ortadoğu” artist duo formed by Fırat İtmeç and Ali Ünal are going to create a postcard series t [...]


The project of Quatuor Elementa, directed by Simber Atay, was shaped according to the calendar of t [...]


About Recording Projects: Recording Projects is an interdisciplinary initiative which has a long hi [...]

The Audio Map and Inventory of Izmir

The project of Composer Mehmet Can Özer, “The Audio- Map of Izmir” aims to record the sounds relate [...]

The Mirror Image of “K2 Urla Breathing Room” in the City

City Planner Özlem Şenyol Kocaer and her team will organize the workshop places and implementation p [...]


This documentary oral history project places Urla's surrounding landscape at the center and attempts [...]

''TRES COURT'' International Short Film Festival

Simultaneously organized in 30 countries and 90 cities, Tres Court will meet the audience in İzmir. [...]

Truth and Mythos: Country/ Rural

This project to be implemented by Architect/ Author Emel Kayın aims to examine stories, concepts, fa [...]