“Body” - Improvised Dance and Music Performance

A dancer and three musicians, all experts in their fields, and unbeknownst to each other, are coming [...]

“Très Court” International Very Short Film Festival & “Smart Stories” Workshop

As part of PORTIZMIR4, and in collaboration with Hezarfen Film Galeri and Izmir French Cultural Cent [...]

Jef Aérosol's “Shared Differences” Mural

Within the context of PORTIZMIR4, street artist Jef Aérosol is going to come to İzmir with the colla [...]


PORTIZMIR4 Open Forum and Project Presentations event has taken place on April 7-8, 2017 in Kemeralt [...]

SILVAVOX Concert by “Noksan Improvisation Collective”

The second part of the Silvavox project, as part of PORTIZMIR4, co-curated by Sarp Keskiner and Ayku [...]

Summer Solstice Celebration: “Neighborhood Night”

At the “Neighborhood Night,” we have celebrated Summer Solstice with the residents of the neighborho [...]


PORTIZMIR4 | BREATHE which has started a series of events that offer propositions on sociological an [...]

Conference and Round-table Discussion with Architect Marco Paolo Servalli

A conference and round-table discussion with Italian Architect Marco Paolo Servalli, who is coming t [...]