Deep Blue




The sea exists within contradictory concepts in human culture; powerful but serene, beautiful but terrifying. While it is the gentle background of our lives in Izmir, it is the foreground of DEEP BLUE. What started as  individualized sets of knowledge from artists and scientists became an active ground for debates, experiments and research trips. The point of departure was to explore the sea using all five senses. After six weeks of collaborative research, the team found entirely new ways of engaging with the Izmir bay. The resulting installation of synthesized experiences includes a special edition of salted chocolate, article about jellyfish (Aurelia Aurita), coastal area photography, visual records of seismic and sonic maps, and microscopic and underwater recordings.


Deep blue team:

Robertina Šebjanič (artist, researcher and leading conceptualist/methodolog of the group)

Assoc.Prof.Dr Guzel Yucel Gier ( scientific consultant)

M. Sc. Betül Bardakcı (biologist / leading science researcher of the group)

Süleyman Duman (artist, photographer)

Research Assitant. Can EYTEMİZ (geophysical engineer)

Onur Koc (photographer and video documentation)

Mutlu Kurtbas (underwater video and photos)

Uğur Engin Deniz (new media artist - video mapping)

Cansu Çakar (drawing)